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Pokemon Season 14 Black and White All Episodes Download In Hindi In 720P, 1080P, Pokemon Black And White Episodes In Hindi

Anime Series Info

Name: Pokémon: Black and White

Season No: 14

Episodes: 48

Release Year: 3rd July, 2021 (in Hindi 2014 CN, 2021 – Marvel HQ)

TV Channel (India): Hungama/Marvel HQ

Language: Hindi

Quality: (360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p)

Synopsis: A new land, new rivals, new challenges, and all-new Pokémon make the 14th season of the Pokémon animated series one of the most exciting ones yet! When Ash and his mother accompany Professor Oak to the distant Unova region, Ash discovers Pokémon that he’s never seen before… and that he can’t wait to catch! He may have Pikachu at his side together with new friends Iris and Cilan, but he’ll still need plenty of new Pokémon on his team if he wants to challenge Unova’s expert Gym Leaders. His quest to become a Pokémon Master just got even tougher!

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CN Dubbed –  Here!

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  • zip ma click karta hu toh chala ata he…pehle server exceed dikhata tha par tab baar baar reload karne se ajatha ta per thoda download hokar ruk jata tha aur baad me cancel par ab toh o khul hi nahi raha

  • Hello sir iam a pokemon fan 🥰 but pokemon season 18-19 hindi dubbing way 🥰 please season 18-19 hindi dubbing coming plzz

  • Pokemon Black And White Season 14:-

    Episode 23 :- Didn’t Aired WorldWide Due To Tsunami & Earthquake

    Episode 24 :- Didn’t Aired WorldWide Due To Tsunami & Earthquake

    These episodes are missing. Inspite of these episodes there are different episodes. Please upload them.

  • pisode 23 :- Didn’t Aired WorldWide Due To Tsunami & Earthquake

    Episode 24 :- Didn’t Aired WorldWide Due To Tsunami & Earthquake

    These episodes are missing. Inspite of these episodes there are different episodes. Please upload them.

  • Bro why you removed English Dubbed Version of this Episodes you must keep both English as well as Hindi Episodes of this Black and White Series I came here to check the English Version it was not there…

  • Vro 360p ya 480p kese download mereko hamesha 720p aa raha 100+mb ka mereko 60-70mb wala chaiye marvel hq dubbed ka koi batado raretoons walo

  • Hey kamina gourab tu ek kuta hai tujhe bhi kuj nahi tu bhi copy karta or tu sirf commenters ko entertain kar raha tujhe kuj nahi pata Agar dum hai to raretoons jese website bana ka dikha !? Suna gourab !? Agar nahi kiya to tu bhi ak pagal insan hai

  • Listen RTI BROTHER!!! Pokemon S14 repeating again in next Wednesday (28 July) With brand new episode 33.So try to record Hd quality audio in hindi first…

  • Please upload season 15 16 in Hindi language as soon as possible!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Hey who is Poki fan listen Pokemon movie 9 is not dubbed in Hindi by Hungama tv and Marvel hq and how can RTI dub movie all Pokemon seasons and movies are first dubbed and then aired in TV by Hungama tv and Marvel hq then RTI add it in website .

  • And upload movie 9 in hindi dubbed please agar dubbed nahi hui hai to karo please dubbed hindi me Pokemon movie 9

  • Ye acche bath nahe ha que ke RTI bahut mehnat karta hai or Tum usa aise bath Kar Rahe ho wo bahut Acha upload karta hai meri favourite kiteretsu episodes upload karta hai teak hai tum usa aise bath muth karo

  • Hey gourab bro try to understand number 1= Cartoon network Didn’t stop Pokemon because of TRP low it stopped because Pokemon Company wanted that new generation of India should also know what is Pokemon from season 1 thats why Pokemon company give Pokemon rights to Hungama tv that time Cartoon network was on season 14 and only CN fan knows everything of Pokemon because it was the old era of 2002,2003 to 2014 so thats why Pokemon company give Pokemon rights to Hungama tv to start Pokemon from season 1 so cartoon network Pokemon stopped.Number 2= Pokemon company wanted to sell Pokemon merchandise through Disney network which CN was not doing or in easy language we can say ” the money talks ” this was second reason CN stopped Pokemon number 3= The real poke fans knows what trp means so they first watch at marvel hq to give trp then download the episodes from websites like Rare Toons to save the memories in their computer , mobile , laptop etc. Because when episodes not airing they can watch from website . Website are only to store collection of your favorite memories cartoons , anime . Marvel hq will gain trp so dont worry and also dont say anything wrong to RTI .

  • Rti fan okay season 15 dubbing start when it realse if pokemon not getting trp it will stop like cartoon network stop season 14 and then no more pokemon and go and tell rti please bring season 15 season 15 and he will add season 15 eng dub kyuki fan dub karane himmat nahi hai isse bas Dusro ki dubbing chori karane ki aadat hai huhuh

  • If Disney have no problem with it so who are you people to say something like this to RTI go and disappear and never come again you are only talking nonsense you dont understand anything Disney and Marvel hq will release Pokemon season 15 the dubbing is also started . So dont say anything to RTI

  • You are true gourab soory for misunderstanding yes stop piracy raretoons from pokemon season 15 in hindi will not come if you want to store collection then pay 45 thousand per episode in Paytm if you agree then pay in paytm and send to disney I will give you disney Paytm number don’t ignore and all guys you are pirating and watching in your gmail id are saved in that server if you watch you have to give 30 thousand fine if you not give i will call police and you will be in jail for 9 years

  • Gourab

    Bhai tumara comment bahot accha hai tum real anime fan ho tum ne jo bhi kaha wo 100% sahi hai 🥰

  • When i downloaded Epidode-14 why it asked “Do you want to download this again?” also in ep-15

  • RTI is great and he is not supporting privacy idiots he is only making a collection of those series which are not available on DVD ok Rare Toons and ATH are best go and see there are thousand websites having many series collection so will you say every website in the world this nonsense .

  • East or west RTI is the very best and ATH is great every website has rights because those who have no TV or the channel to watch Pokemon can watch Pokemon in websites so thats why you should not blame a website mr gourab!

  • Who is amblan balabantary Kya tumne pata hai ki disney kitne mehnat karte hai are choro big Kya tumhe pata black and white is so episode ko dub karane mei 3700 ruppes per episode lagta hai kyuki usmei ek nahi 9 to 10 voice artists kam karte hai aur studio editing background noise sab no mil kar 5000 per episode lagta hai aur pokemon or rights uske laga se 20000 ruppes tri mehnat karte hai huh tv se audio record katha bina permission ka pokemon ke episode mei dal dete hai woh bhi bina rights khareed agar usne rights khareed hota you vo youtube kyu upload karte jha sab log dekh sakte hai aur is website mei upload karte hai toh multiquality ke link mei daab ke sidh episode mei la sakte hai na kyu konsa konsa website se le kar jata hai

  • Who is gourab ? Why you don’t want to see the cartoons anytime rti is the best website .you all are telling bad words to rti and ath . Tum logo ko pata nhi ha ki rti or ath ka owner kitna mehnat karte tum logo ko anime or cartoon dekhne ke liy or tum logo ko bolta ho ki rti sara anime series delete kar do ha! Anime agar delete ho jayga to tum log kya taroge ha! Bolo

  • Rare Toons and ATH dont listen to anyone you are best Marvel hq will get TRP after all episodes are aired then after that Marvel hq will reair all episodes slowly line wise then it will gain high TRP its only beginning after reairing episodes from start everything will be right . So dont stop you are best website in the world thanks for episodes keep it up . I Can’t watch many episodes in marvel hq but thanks to you i can watch every episode . Don’t listen to them they dont know anything Marvel hq will get fine after some days

  • Why you upload 33 to 38 you are fake 👎👎👎👎👎👎all my request for watch only in marvel hq not raretoons raretoons why are you showing this 👎👎👎👎why do you want piracy

  • I know many people cannot watch because it was airing in overnight why it’s airing in overnight why promo not coming because of raretoons and you all guys did not give trp that’s why if you all after complete of season 14 season 15 will airing will soon no season 15 will not come do piracy and seson 15 in English dub he quality

  • If you want season 15 ,16,18,19 in English dub and japenese dub so you can support raretoons if you want season 15,16,18,19 in hindi then support marvel hq and disney

  • This animation and dubbing and adventure are super then other’s and ash so much powerful then other’s

  • Please Don’t Be Confused!!
    This is the last Season which was Aired by CARTOON NETWORK from 2014 to May 2015,after which Disney Production got Pokemon Rights and Started Showing In their Channels Like Hungama tv and Marvel HQ (formerly Disney Xd) from May 2015 onwards… Both Has different Dubbing artist and Theme song due to different Script.

  • Pokemon season 14 dhekhneme shayad bohat bakt lagega mene live net tv per khuch ep dhek chuka hu

  • Both CN and Marvel hq are good i have watched Both . I Hope Marvel hq also dubb season 15 because after season 14 CN stopped .

  • i prefer CN dub over marvel HQ
    because CN dub of pokemon and beyblade is nostalgic
    and much better than marvel hq

  • I have watched Pokemon season 14 Cartoon network dubbed so much time before and now going to watch Marvel hq dubbed come finally in marvel hq after 10,000 years thanks for quick multi server in it . Btw when will you add Bakugan battle brawler episode Urdu hindi from kids zone Pakistan?

  • Pata nehi kab se wait kar raha hu
    Ooooooo Aeeeeeee 😊❤❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😍🥰😍😍😭😭
    Akhir a hi geya

  • Hindi audio Ekdam HD quality mei RECORD karna, Aur audio mei koi bhi Cuts nhi hona chahiye.. Its my Request!!! 😍

  • RTI can you upload the season 10 CN dub episode on your website
    Because there are only Disney episode Available .
    And prasad barve dubbed season 10 for CN and Disney
    CN ( 2009 )
    Disney ( 2017 )
    There’s only one episode from season 10 which is from Cartoon network .

  • For those who are saying that this is Fake, please check WHATS ON INDIA APP AND BULBAPEDIA… IT IS 100% TRUE

  • Hi rti I am Aniverse X YouTube channel and I want to encode Pokemon Black and white Disney india dub on your website

  • Finally after 6 years I hope you will upload season 15 , 16 , 18,19,20 ,21,22,23 And 24 in hindi as soon as possible pls 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • I have watch this already all episodes
    I haved also watched all episodes of Beyblade generation 1,2 and 3 and dynamite battle also and Pokémon Journeys Ep 73 and miraculous season 4 newest episode

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